How To Write a Great Client Success Story (Testimonials)

One of the greatest testaments to your business success is the number of satisfied clients you have. When you see them, satisfied clients love to tell you how much you helped them and how happy they are with your services. Turn those great examples of customer satisfaction into written success stories for your website. Such stories, or testimonials, are a step above customer reviews. While customer reviews can be short one or two paragraph snippets about customers’ experiences with you, … Read More

Case Study: Understanding The Opioid Epidemic

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As a writer, I focus on helping people to understand complex topics by making them easy to understand and relevant to the reader. When a local magazine asked me to research the opioid epidemic in Carroll County, Maryland, and write a feature-length piece about it, I took on the challenge. Case Study: Here’s how I did it. The Challenge: Learn about the extent, severity and complexity of the opioid epidemic. The Solution: I jumped into extensive research about how many … Read More

Sylvia’s Story Behind the Story: “The Opioid Epidemic Hits Home”

Recently, I wrote a feature story for a local magazine about how agencies and individuals in Carroll County are addressing the opioid epidemic. I learned that the problem is staggering in the county, state and nation. Apparently, some of the most difficult cases arise when people are prescribed pain medications and may become addicted to them. I learned that those individuals may become so in need of the opioids that they turn to street drugs, which are often mixed with … Read More

Tips on Making Your Interview Subject Feel Comfortable

As a researcher, interviewer and writer, there is nothing more that I love than to turn a blank page into a compelling, engaging story. But what happens when your great story subject is on the shy or reticent side and you still believe the story is worth pursuing?   Tips on making your interview subject feel comfortable: Ask the person to meet with you face to face at an interview location of his or her choosing. During your interview, put … Read More