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How To Write a Great Client Success Story (Testimonials)

One of the greatest testaments to your business success is the number of satisfied clients you have. When you see them, satisfied clients love to tell you how much you helped them and how happy they are with your services.

Turn those great examples of customer satisfaction into written success stories for your website. Such stories, or testimonials, are a step above customer reviews. While customer reviews can be short one or two paragraph snippets about customers’ experiences with you, success stories are quite a bit different.

Success stories spell out in detail how you helped a customer to solve a challenge or a problem. Success stories tell the world what benefits you provided. They explain what differentiates your company. They explain what customers can expect from working with you and the value you can provide.

Tips for a Great Success Story

1. Ask your customers if they will share their stories in the form of testimonials. When you hear from a satisfied customer, ask them if they might consider sharing their success story on your website. Tell them that their story can be like a written word-of-mouth referral which will let others know about your services. Don’t hesitate to make the ask because this type of collaboration is common.

2. Offer to interview your customer to tell about their success. Your customers may not have time to provide their own written feedback for you, so offer to make it easier by interviewing them and gathering information about their experiences with your company. Prepare a few questions to share with them in advance. Offer to do the interview in person. Find out why they feel satisfied with your services, what specifically you did to solve their problem, and how you made a difference to them.

Client & Customer Interviews - Sylvia Blair Copywriting and Communications, LLC | Eldersburg, Maryland
Sylvia Blair interviews a client to write a great success story!

3. Tell your written story. With all of the information you now have, write up a 200 -to- 300-word story which sells your services through your customer’s eyes. Start with a strong lead sentence, followed by supporting detail about the wonderful work you performed. Include a direct quote or two from your customer. Wrap it up with a summary sentence about how you helped to make the customer experience smooth and satisfying. Then, close with a call to action to potential new customers to contact you.

4. I can help you. Hire an expert writer to help give your testimonial a polished feel.  Does writing and starting from a blank page make you feel overwhelmed? Are you unsure where to begin? Are you uncertain how to make your words convincing and engaging?

When you work with me to create testimonials, I will:

  • Talk to you about your company
  • Obtain names of satisfied clients from you and get their permission to contact them
  • Prepare a list of interview questions about their experiences with your company
  • Interview your client with pre-approved questions
  • Organize the information into a well-written, personalized success story
  • Deliver a great success story to you for your company website

Contact Blair Copywriting and Communications, LLC at sblairmail2@gmail.com or call 443-695-0941.

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