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Sylvia’s Story Behind the Story: “The Opioid Epidemic Hits Home”

Recently, I wrote a feature story for a local magazine about how agencies and individuals in Carroll County are addressing the opioid epidemic.

I learned that the problem is staggering in the county, state and nation. Apparently, some of the most difficult cases arise when people are prescribed pain medications and may become addicted to them. I learned that those individuals may become so in need of the opioids that they turn to street drugs, which are often mixed with dangerous substances. Then the problem can spiral into overdoses that are fatal for some.

In researching the story, I learned that people from all backgrounds and all ages are affected and that the epidemic is straining the resources of health, legal and law enforcement agencies locally.

I also learned that there is a growing movement that places a priority on prevention and education. Countless individuals and organizations are joining forces to provide information and referrals that can help to turn the tide on addiction before it is too late.

I was especially fortunate to speak with parents of overdose patients who have started initiatives to get the word out about helping those overcome by opioids. Their lives are changing, their families are healing and their health is normalizing –thanks to these efforts.

So the story behind the story is that groups that address problems like addiction through positive, life-altering actions are making an incredible difference in the world. And as the writer behind the story, I felt privileged to witness the journey towards recovery on behalf of all of those affected.

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